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  • AdductHunter


  • Aotearoa’s last predators

    Aotearoa’s last predators

    In order to identify small populations of predators in vast areas, the technology needs to have advanced capabilities across several areas. This research will develop and test a group of […]

  • Auditing Machine Learning Models

    Auditing Machine Learning Models

    Current Machine Learning model evaluation methods, e.g., the use of test sets, will only detect whether a model’s predictions match the data. They cannot exclude the possibility that both predictions […]

  • Taiao


    Starting March 1st. 2020, the TAIAO Programme has been funded for seven years with a $13m investment from the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment Data Science platform. The primary […]

  • Analysis of Bat Calls

    Analysis of Bat Calls

    In this project, we are developing novel machine learning approaches to analyze recordings of bat calls and leverage the calls as a proxy to identify environmental problems. Animal observations are […]

  • Predicting Influenza Disease Burden

    Predicting Influenza Disease Burden

    Influenza is a respiratory disease transmitted through droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes or via fomites. Globally, seasonal influenza is estimated to cause approximately one billion cases, three […]

  • The Smell of Fear

    The Smell of Fear

    We know that plants and animals communicate via smell, but if and how humans communicate non-verbally via small molecules in the air, remains enigmatic. Can we “smell” the feelings of […]

  • Artificial Intelligence and Freshwater Modelling

    To protect our freshwater for future generations, we develop a framework enabling an understanding of how environmental factors impact our water quality and how mitigation strategies can help. Our project […]

  • enviPath


    enviPath is both, a database and a prediction system, for the microbial biotransformation of organic environmental contaminants. The database provides the possibility to store and view experimentally observed biotransformation pathways, […]