Our lab researches machine learning and its application to cheminformatics, bioinformatics, and computational sustainability. We are always interested in interesting new research areas both for applied and fundamental machine learning. Currently, we are particularly interested in reliability of machine learning models, adversarial machine learning, and bias, with applications in chemistry, epidemiology, and environmental research.

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You can join us as PhD student, Honours student, or other postgraduate student. You can also visit our lab as visiting researcher or student.



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  • And the paper is now available here:#^Targeted Attacks on Time Series ForecastingTime Series Forecasting (TSF) is well established in domains dealing with temporal data to predict future events yielding the basis for strategic decision-making. Previous research indicated that forecasting models are vulnerable to adversarial attacks, that is,…
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  • Wickerlab likes Joerg Simon Wicker's comment
  • Or you can check our earlier preprint: #^Intriguing Usage of Applicability Domain: Lessons from Cheminformatics Applied to Adversarial LearningDefending machine learning models from adversarial attacks is still achallenge: none of the robust models is utterly immune to adversarial examplesto date. Different defences have been proposed; however, most of them aretailored to particular ML models and […]

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